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The system has been developed to be used as a target during training with real ammunition. It provides the opportunity to carry out personnel training in the closest way to reality by providing the real war conditions and the feeling of hitting a real target. The system, which creates the necessary data for the weapon system to detect the target and lock it on the target, also minimizes the risk of the ammunition going out of target during shooting training. The system has been developed as heat-guided for the STINGER MISSILE SYSTEM and can be modified on different detection/target locking scenarios such as Air-to-Air, Ground-to-Air and Air-to-Ground.

System Content;
- Target Drone
- Ignition Receiver Kit
- Ignition Transmitter Kit

Electronic Receiver and Transmitter Systems communicate with RF signals and activate the heat sources on the target so that the heat-guided weapon system can be locked on the target. When the air target enters the suitable airspace determined for shooting, the heat source-1 is ignited by the ignition receiver module on the target with the command given from the transmitter kit. In the meantime, shooting is performed by applying the shooting process steps to the target by the shooter. If the fire does not take place during the time that the heat source-1 is active or the shooter shoots without locking on the target, the heat source-2 can be fired and the shooter can receive a second shot.

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